The Mystery of Shadow Hills is easy to read and is a very captivating story. Hey young, middle school girl named Skyler, with her grandfathers detective kit is out for an adventure of a lifetime as she is dropped off at her aunts house while her parents take a tour through Europe. With her newfound friend Kat there is no telling what the two of them might get into. With adventures around every turn you would not want to put this book down.

Everyone is Dying to Live in the,¬†Shadows of the forest

Everyone is Dying to  Live in the Shadows of the Forest, is an alluring book with a captivating entrance, making it difficult to put down from the first chapter. With only three rules to follow, you would think that would be easy, right?   

But, being in a Victorian building and an amazingly spooky forest; Who wouldn’t want to explore. This book is quite unique and that the more mysteries you uncover the more the mysteries compound each other, the deeper you get into Shadows of the Forest.

Some people may find this book a little confusing; if you understand Japanese “spirits” and folklore, it will simplify certain areas of this amazing story.

2,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I found this book to be quite interesting from the start and flowed quite smoothly until about 25% in and it seemed to slow. However after a couple of chapters it got extremely colorful again and quite interesting; which was about the only thing that kept me reading it in order to finish it.The story continued to go up and down a bit with my interest it would slow at places and then brighten up again. But, as a whole I found the story to be an interesting story and could recommend it to people that like books written in this particular form. 

If you have read this book before then you might also enjoy Moby Dick. While the stories are completely different there are much similarities in the writing form of them both.

Moby Dick

I picked this book up with the interest of the story and from seeing multiple films based on it. I found like most books written from movies that there was more information in the book than any movie could ever tell you. However, I found Moby Dick to be speeding and slowing in areas. While the story did flow decently, when it would slow down it became extremely hard to read for me. But at the same time as a whole the book is very decently written and does tell a good story.

While the style of the book is written in may not be my preference styles, if you ever read 20,000 leagues under the sea then you would probably enjoy Moby Dick as well. Both are quite colorful and have a similar story flow to them; with completely different story plots.

The Lorax

I remember getting The Lorax from the library more times I lost count when I as a kid. I enjoyed the humerus, yet still realistic points in the story. How one mistake in life or one bad decision can cause major problems for people you don’t even realize are around you; but at the same time how one right action can fix a bunch of problems. It is a humorous and enjoyable story for children and anyone who enjoys the Dr. Seuss books. Earning it a 5 star. 

Core Rhythms Quick Worckout


I love working out. And, I have found several different programs that I enjoy doing; One in which being Core Rhythms Quick Workout.
It is about 22 minutes long. However, I have no clue how many calories you burn.
I find it fun and entertaining as a dance workout that is fairly easy to learn and easy to modify depending on what you are capable of doing.

If someone has the answer to how many calories you burn in this work out I would greatly appreciate it.