X-Men: Apocalypse

The new X-Men Apocalypse has a very interesting storyline; with a lot of the X-Men have been in X-Men First Class.

I love a lot of the detail that was put into it. It is a very good film with a lot of action.

My only issue with the move, while only said once and very few would of caught it; but it was when the “villain” introduces himself by three names for a god, but one name used was “Elohim” which is the real God’s name in Hebrew; the other names are from the Egyptian god Ra, and Shen a word used for Chinese gods, but using Elohim like they did is in my opinion is biblically wrong!

If they had not used God’s real name “Elohim” as they did I would of given this movie a five star rating.


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I'm a married Christian lady, who loves reading, writing, animals, writing film reviews, and book reviews. I am also a gospel singer, and travel with my parents.

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