Moby Dick

I picked this book up with the interest of the story and from seeing multiple films based on it. I found like most books written from movies that there was more information in the book than any movie could ever tell you. However, I found Moby Dick to be speeding and slowing in areas. While the story did flow decently, when it would slow down it became extremely hard to read for me. But at the same time as a whole the book is very decently written and does tell a good story.

While the style of the book is written in may not be my preference styles, if you ever read 20,000 leagues under the sea then you would probably enjoy Moby Dick as well. Both are quite colorful and have a similar story flow to them; with completely different story plots.


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I'm a married Christian lady, who loves reading, writing, animals, writing film reviews, and book reviews. I am also a gospel singer, and travel with my parents.

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