2,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I found this book to be quite interesting from the start and flowed quite smoothly until about 25% in and it seemed to slow. However after a couple of chapters it got extremely colorful again and quite interesting; which was about the only thing that kept me reading it in order to finish it.The story continued to go up and down a bit with my interest it would slow at places and then brighten up again. But, as a whole I found the story to be an interesting story and could recommend it to people that like books written in this particular form. 

If you have read this book before then you might also enjoy Moby Dick. While the stories are completely different there are much similarities in the writing form of them both.


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I'm a married Christian lady, who loves reading, writing, animals, writing film reviews, and book reviews. I am also a gospel singer, and travel with my parents.

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