Heart of the Ocean

Heart of the Ocean is an awesome, thriller, keep you up till sunrise, book. It is such a captivating story from the first chapter. I do have to say though, that romantic stories are far out of my normal genre of books. However, I have found two that I have enjoyed immensely, this one being one of them.
It is somewhat spooky, a little sad, with a hint of romance.
But, also could be a little confusing in areas with using “old English or Shakespearean English” with certain characters from the town Maybrook for some young readers of today’s society that may not understand that type of language. However, if you can understand Shakespeare and the KJVB you would have no problem with this book.
I find that form of writing in today’s books to be quite refreshing; and is part of what drew me into this particular book.

It is amazing how Heather B. Moore can just draw you into the book, making you feel like you are right there as it is happening.
And if I didn’t have to sleep, I would stay up reading her books constantly. I simply love them.
If I were to pick a favorite author for this day and age it would be Heather B. Moore: I love her books that I have been privileged to read. For the types of stories she writes; she is the only other author, next to Shakespeare and C.S. Lewis, that I would look for all her writings.image


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I'm a married Christian lady, who loves reading, writing, animals, writing film reviews, and book reviews. I am also a gospel singer, and travel with my parents.

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