Core Rhythms Quick Worckout


I love working out. And, I have found several different programs that I enjoy doing; One in which being Core Rhythms Quick Workout.
It is about 22 minutes long. However, I have no clue how many calories you burn.
I find it fun and entertaining as a dance workout that is fairly easy to learn and easy to modify depending on what you are capable of doing.

If someone has the answer to how many calories you burn in this work out I would greatly appreciate it.


Heart of the Ocean

Heart of the Ocean is an awesome, thriller, keep you up till sunrise, book. It is such a captivating story from the first chapter. I do have to say though, that romantic stories are far out of my normal genre of books. However, I have found two that I have enjoyed immensely, this one being one of them.
It is somewhat spooky, a little sad, with a hint of romance.
But, also could be a little confusing in areas with using “old English or Shakespearean English” with certain characters from the town Maybrook for some young readers of today’s society that may not understand that type of language. However, if you can understand Shakespeare and the KJVB you would have no problem with this book.
I find that form of writing in today’s books to be quite refreshing; and is part of what drew me into this particular book.

It is amazing how Heather B. Moore can just draw you into the book, making you feel like you are right there as it is happening.
And if I didn’t have to sleep, I would stay up reading her books constantly. I simply love them.
If I were to pick a favorite author for this day and age it would be Heather B. Moore: I love her books that I have been privileged to read. For the types of stories she writes; she is the only other author, next to Shakespeare and C.S. Lewis, that I would look for all her writings.image

The Jungle Book

Most people have least read the book The Jungle Book written by Rudyard Kipling, or at least know the story. The tale of how a boy lost in the jungle, raised by wolves and his life changes throughout the story.

Mowgli played by: Jason Scott Lee, Katherine played by: Lena Headey and Captain Will play by: Cary Elwes.
I would have to say that this is one of my very favorite versions of the story of The Jungle Book on film; especially the ending of this one. It is extremely well-done with great actors.
However, out of all the versions I have seen the Walt Disney 1994 live action is my very favorite; but this is the only one I cannot find on DVD in the USA or capable to be shown on a USA TV on DVD or Blu-ray; but it can be found on VHS still.

I really wish Disney will release this one on DVD or Blu-Ray in the USA one day.

The Neverending Story

I love the story told the book of The Neverending story. It is a book I will read many times over.

I found it to be a captivating story, full of adventure and excitement with every turn of the page. A world with a colorful world like no other: a very easy book to read, even while bouncing from our world to a beautiful fantasy world.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and adventure. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars.
I have seen the only film I know of that is based on the book and for its time it was ok, but still could of been done better.
A lot of the story from the book was cut out of the movie to save time. However, it is still a good movie with nice efects and music.
This film, for it’s type & age; I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Black Beauty

imageI have read the book Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and really can’t say enough good things about it.

I found the story to be well thought out, that flows very smooth, easy to follow and a story that you would not want to put down without finishing the book.

Every movie I have seen both live-action an animated of the story is extremely close to the book; and which I find quite amazing considering it is very hard to make a full length motion picture that also follows almost hand-in-hand with the book that it originated from.

In the case of the story in film forum, I cannot say that all the movies entitled Black Beauty follow the book that wonderful, however I do know at least two of them.

Peter Pan

After reading Peter Pan, and found it to have an interesting story. It has an easy to follow storyline, with the great adventures we see in the films.
However, the book shows Hook quite a bit different than the films do.
But, still earning a 5 of 5 rating.
A good book for most kids.

Batman 1989

The 1989 Batman I just simply love.
I never was much of a comic book reader but the story of Batman trade in this version I think is wonderfully done. With Michael Keaton as Batman, Jack Nicholson doing an awesome job as Joker and Michael Gough as Alford.
One of the Must See versions of Batman.
A definite 5 star film.