The Path of the Child

I love the story of The Path of the Child; it is a well thought out story with sweet ideas. While the story is fiction, many people could learn from this story; learn about kindness, honesty, friendship, and simply just how you should or rather should not treat people, including parents. 

I love how Melanie starts finding who she really is with the help of her newfound friends; one particular, Robert.
This is has become one of my favorite books I have and will read again and recommend it to any and all who love sweet stories with life changing outcomes, for both caricature and reader.



I loved the intro to WonderWoman; a well described background to roll into the story.
Considering that I have never read any of the comics; I thought it was well written and well castes.

WonderWoman is definitely a movie worth seeing.

Chef Chen

Well I normally write reviews on the books and movies; there will be a little bit of a switch…I made a trip to a Chinese restaurant that I have not ever heard of called Chef Chen.

I had to say that between the hors d’oeuvres and the entrĂ©e it was one of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever been to. It is also reasonably priced and fairly easy to get to.

It is family owned, with all fresh ingredients; it is located in Rowlett, Texas.

If you are ever in the area definitely make a trip to Chef Chen, If you are wanting excellent Chinese!

Underworld: Blood Wars

I got the chance to see Underworld: Blood Wars…I found it to be very intriguing from the start. An action packed film, awesome special effects.It would have help if I had seen Underworld: Awakening first, due to Selene’s daughter and a few other factors.

But with the flashback intro helped to catch me up. 

All around great film.

Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)


I got the chance to see the new, live action, Beauty and the Beast.
I thought it was an amazing film, very well casted for the parts.
There are a few scenes, in my opinion, that could’ve been done a little better for the children’s sake. However, other than those few scenes I find the film to be amazing, and well worth the effort that was put into it by all the people involved.


X-Men: Apocalypse

The new X-Men Apocalypse has a very interesting storyline; with a lot of the X-Men have been in X-Men First Class.

I love a lot of the detail that was put into it. It is a very good film with a lot of action.

My only issue with the move, while only said once and very few would of caught it; but it was when the “villain” introduces himself by three names for a god, but one name used was “Elohim” which is the real God’s name in Hebrew; the other names are from the Egyptian god Ra, and Shen a word used for Chinese gods, but using Elohim like they did is in my opinion is biblically wrong!

If they had not used God’s real name “Elohim” as they did I would of given this movie a five star rating.