Chef Chen

Well I normally write reviews on the books and movies; there will be a little bit of a switch…I made a trip to a Chinese restaurant that I have not ever heard of called Chef Chen.

I had to say that between the hors d’oeuvres and the entrĂ©e it was one of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever been to. It is also reasonably priced and fairly easy to get to.

It is family owned, with all fresh ingredients; it is located in Rowlett, Texas.

If you are ever in the area definitely make a trip to Chef Chen, If you are wanting excellent Chinese!

Underworld: Blood Wars

I got the chance to see Underworld: Blood Wars…I found it to be very intriguing from the start. An action packed film, awesome special effects.It would have help if I had seen Underworld: Awakening first, due to Selene’s daughter and a few other factors.

But with the flashback intro helped to catch me up. 

All around great film.

Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)


I got the chance to see the new, live action, Beauty and the Beast.
I thought it was an amazing film, very well casted for the parts.
There are a few scenes, in my opinion, that could’ve been done a little better for the children’s sake. However, other than those few scenes I find the film to be amazing, and well worth the effort that was put into it by all the people involved.


X-Men: Apocalypse

The new X-Men Apocalypse has a very interesting storyline; with a lot of the X-Men have been in X-Men First Class.

I love a lot of the detail that was put into it. It is a very good film with a lot of action.

My only issue with the move, while only said once and very few would of caught it; but it was when the “villain” introduces himself by three names for a god, but one name used was “Elohim” which is the real God’s name in Hebrew; the other names are from the Egyptian god Ra, and Shen a word used for Chinese gods, but using Elohim like they did is in my opinion is biblically wrong!

If they had not used God’s real name “Elohim” as they did I would of given this movie a five star rating.

The mystery of the hidden jewel is, While the story takes a few pages to really develop, due to details; many things are beginning in Skyler’s life, starting middle-school, still having a “big” crush on Dustin, helping her BFF out, all while trying to salve the biggest mystery she’s ever come across; finding the missing jewels.

The Mystery of Shadow Hills is easy to read and is a very captivating story. Hey young, middle school girl named Skyler, with her grandfathers detective kit is out for an adventure of a lifetime as she is dropped off at her aunts house while her parents take a tour through Europe. With her newfound friend Kat there is no telling what the two of them might get into. With adventures around every turn you would not want to put this book down.